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Sacred Tarot Attributes

*in the book each is given a sound as well

#         Letter              Astrological                   Color                      Gem or Metal                      Divinatory Significance
1                A               Mercury                          Violet                             Quicksilver                        Will, Dexterity

2               B                Virgo                               Darker Violet                     Jasper                          Science

3                G                Libra                              Lighter Yellow                     Diamond                      Action, Marriage

4               D              Scorpio                           Darker Red                          Topaz                             Realization

5                 E               Jupiter                           Purple or Indigo                  Tin                                 Religion Law

6        V-U-W            Venus                                Yellow                                 Copper                           Temptation

  7              Z                Sagittarius                        Lighter Purple                    Red Garnet                      Victory

8        H or CH          Capricorn                          Darker Blue                       Onyx or Sardonyx                Justice, Equilibrium

9            TH                 Aquarius                            Lighter Blue                        Blue Saphire                     Wisdom Prudence

10           I-Y-J               Uranus                             Dazzling White                    Uranium                             Change of Fortune

11             C-K                  Neptune                             Iridescence                    Neptunium                         Force Spiritual Power

12              L                       Pisces                                Darker Purple               Peridot                                 Sacrifice Expiation

13              M                      Aries                                    Lighter Red                Amethyst                             Transformation Death

14              N                      Taurus                                Darker Yellow                Agate                                 Regeneration Temperance

15               X                       Saturn                                Blue                             Lead                                   Fatality Black Magic

16              O                        Mars                                    Red                             Iron                                   Accident Catastrophe

17           F-P-PH                 Gemini                              Lighter Violet                    Beryl                                    Truth Hope Faith

18       SH-TS-TZC             Cancer                           Lighter Green                        Emerald                              Deception False Friends

19                Q                          Leo                              Lighter Orange                 Ruby                                    Happiness

20               R                          Moon                             Green                             Silver                                     Awakening Resurrection

21                 S                           Sun                           Orange                             Gold                                      Success Attainment

22               T                           Earth                            Black                                Clay                                       Failure Folly

0       (T) upside down)            Pluto                              Ultra Violet                       Plutonium                                  Spirituality

from The Sacred Tarot published by

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