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my birthday wish is .. share this with everyone
now it's 2021 & my birthday again Sad  things are so much worse now with xi-bidet as our faux-prezident = a take-over by Chyna who stole our election using computers. OUR CIA HELPED!  several countries pitched in and stole our votes >_<   


the song is not showing so I am uploading it to Bitchute. Hopefully it will show soon

here is the link}

WAKE UP EVERYBODY - Original Version (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
My Birthday Wish is For Another Birthday! seen lately?
oil and gas is gushing out of the ground in Canada, The Gulf (again!) and something nasty is bubbling up in L.A. called a Sink hole over a Salt cavern full of stored gas that is collapsing. runaway reactors in Fukushima puking poison into the pacific. take your turn. We might already be glowing from Hanford. There's so much going on that isn't getting tending to I have to wonder how / why we are not focusing on things that are going to put the skids on everybody's wagon ?! seems like a no brainer. I guess people got no brains cause just Look at what is on tv. it's beyond being just a distraction. so .. my wish is that other people don't fuck it up for me. I want my birthday! I earned it.
here I go having another birthday :/ going to stop counting them now .. doing 69 again Big Grin
*at 70 hope this is my last birthday. It's going to be very lonely. So many around me are mask-wearing-morons and they are getting 'vax_xed'
I look forward to the end of the coup and arrest of all corrupt governments.
I thought Where We Go One We Go All meant Freedom! not mass extinction.
the vax_x is a bio weapon for depopulation!
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