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Confessions of a confused mind
It indeed has been a very long time since i have ventured out or seek to communicate with any of the friends i have made over the past few years.Most of them have been wonderful friends..always showing care..concern and lot more, makes me feel lucky indeed to have all of them consider me a friend and treat me in such a near and dear way.

It is ironic though that i say all this and then on the other hand i have not kept up with any of them apart from a random "hello" (which sounded more like a formal hello you dish out during official meetings).
Well for reasons in my control or beyond there is no excuse for not keeping up with all the dear ones but today is one of those days where i want to say sorry for all the same while reflecting back on all past moments.

Life is strange and it carries you different places, thoughts and turmoils.I have learn t it over the past few years better than anyone else.I am sure everyone learns it in some way or other.That is the way life is...everyone lives it and still its different and unique to everyone of us! Probably all of those near dear ones to have had a lot of problems where they need someone to hold on to and I dread the fact that i havent been along..but just i hope everything and everyone is fine..

I hope i can keep up and wish everyone to have a good time and good life.

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