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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe
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Marilyn by Richard Avedon


Another Marilyn by Richard Avedon
i am not sure nudes can be posted...bit i just could’nt help it,she was a classic beauty.


the one with the red background is the Playboy made so famous.
I have it on a coaster.
the shot of her holding her dress down as the air is sending it up .. supposedly that shot pissed off her husband, Joe Di Maggio so bad he had a major fit.
I think she was murdered. She was fill of barbituates but none was in her stomach.
They gave her an enima of sleeping powders.
It had to do with the Kennedys, supposedly she was seeing both Jack and Bobby.
either way, I do think she was murdered.
“Death and aftermath
Monroe’s last home was in Brentwood, California, at 12305 5th Helena Drive. She was in the process of renovating the hacienda at the time of her death.[23]

Monroe was found dead by her housekeeper Eunice Murray, in the middle of the night, on August 5, 1962. Murray said she noticed the phone cord under Marilyn’s door, which was unusual because she never slept with her phone in her room. This worried Murray, so she called Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. Greenson broke a window to get into Marilyn’s home, and then upon discovering her sprawled on her bed with a phone clutched in her right hand, called Marilyn’s internist Dr. Engelberg. Engelberg listened for a heartbeat, and when there was not one, called the police.

Murray and doctors Greenson and Engelberg claim that Marilyn was found at 3:30 a.m. However Natalie Jacobs, wife of Marilyn’s spokesman Arthur Jacobs, said she found out about Marilyn’s death while at a concert well before 11:00 p.m. that same day. She also says that her husband had to ”fudge the press.“

She was 36 years old. Her death was ruled as an overdose from the sleeping pill Nembutal. Several conspiracy theories have surfaced in the decades after her death, some involving President John F. Kennedy and/or Robert Kennedy. There is also speculation that her death was accidental, but the official cause of death was ”probable suicide“ by acute barbiturate poisoning.

On August 8, 1962, Monroe was interred in a crypt at Corridor of Memories, #24, at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Lee Strasberg delivered the eulogy.”
The playboy one is interesting because Hef paid all of $200 for it. It was a good bit of money for him at the time but the investment was certainly worth it.
are you sure? I know she was the cover for his first issue.
He was on TV last night.
His show is The Girls Next Door.
They all were in Europe together celebrating his 80th birthday.

Life must seem very dear to him now.
He has arrived at the level of success most people can't even conceive of
but how much longer will he be able to enjoy it?

He may well be the world's most envied man.

his yard, his pool ... ohh would I like to have the access to it!
He owns another house across the street from his mansion where the guest bunnies stay.. His yard makes the Osbourne's yard look like a joke.

the photos are making my page change shape.

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