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Full Version: Britany Spears
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this is what Britney Spears will look like if she lives this long}

^ not what I should have said .. now I am wondering if she will destroy herself?
Pushed to the max by the media, daily they tell the world she's a :booze: mess!
Her publicist quit, her lawyer quit, then her replacement lawyer quit, all in about 1 week!
She is being sued by someone for hit and run, a fender-bender caught on tape by the :paparazzi: and
a former bodyguard turned stool-pigeon hired Gloria Allred to sue for wrongful termination!
Last week, the court ordered her to get drug/alcohol tested before she can be with her kids.
Now, all weekend long !E news has been drilling it about how she was "spotted at Hyde" and another venue in Hollywood.
So? What is a girl her age supposed to be doing? living life, I hope!
The media is talking that she should go bakc to rehab.
If that were me, I'd be ready to do something drastic!
what is she? 22? has 2 sons, one is turning [terrible] two? the other is still in diapers.
I'd let old "ma" take them! Fuck it! go out and have a life!
She has clocked enough hours, making that legacy.
It's time to put that down for a while and go enjoy being 20 something!

It worries me that Anna Nicole Smith wrote a letter to Britany, worried about the girl.
Brit is no "brain," and it looks like there isn't a decently functioning mind in her camp right now.
I worry she may be pushed into something that turns tragic.
It hasn't gotten any better.
Britney has been caught doing some really brainless things.

giving a crotch shot to the paparazzi w/out any underwear on
hitting a parked car and driving away while being photographed
like wise the several other brainless stunts caught on camera:
running red lights, illegal U-turns, driving w/out a valid driver's license
driving while text messaging, kids in the car through it all ..
Missing your appointments for mandatory drug testing ..
She hasn't done anything right, no-class white trash below average intellect
and "it breeds" :bebehatches: :naka:
never mind she shaved herself bald
never mind she lost custody of her two sons to kevin federline {that's an insult!
last night she got strapped to a gurney and taken to the psych ward!
I hear she was released to her home today after an over-night evaluation.

I'm remembering last year, Anna Nicole was still alive [til Feb 8th]
she was telling Britney, she had a warning for her.
some people need :pet: and some need :slam:
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