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I'm no fan of her ex, Jack Ryan. [attachment=228]
He could have been the one to most benefit by having her killed in 2001.
He lost the support of the Republican Party by not disclosing [to them] the skeletons in his closet.

this pix is from T.V.Guide Nov.2001

* this is from The Sacred Tarot By C.C. Zain
about the number 7

septenary, which is the complete and perfect three-dimensional gamut; even as 9 is the complete and perfect four-dimensional gamut. A scale of 7 is better, therefore, to indicate physical tones and electromagnetic vibrations; but a scale of 9 is more convenient to indicate astral tones and thought-vibrations. Thus in three-dimensional existence where perfection of form exists it will be found that the number 7 expresses it as 3 and 4. The 3 are active principles. The 4 are reactions, or forms. In human life 7, as composed of 3 and 4, express the concrete 4 dominated by action, or 3; the realization of physical perfection through active effort. As composed of 5 and 2, it indicates man in full possession of the law of polarity, realizing the potency of sex force. As composed of twice 3 plus 1, it signifies body, soul and spirit united to body, soul and spirit, guided by intelligence and under control of will; thus representing the perfect nuptial union. It is dominion of intelligence over all actions, hence complete Victory over all Temptations.

Magic —In magic, Arcanum VII represents the power of projection, of sending the astral form to a distance; and the power of attraction, of compelling the astral of another to appear and obey whatever commands may be given. And it is also of the same symbolical import as the Seal of Solomon, the two interlaced equilateral trines. Next to the pentagram, Solomon’s Seal is the most important magical diagram; for it represents the macrocosm and its laws, thus indicating its user to be familiar with nature, and to be endowed with intelligence. Initiation
Jeri and Christophe Eme at their restaurant
this clip shows her smiling and some subtle body language that is "jeri" not a "role" she is portraying.
When I saw her in person she was very animated! Not at all like the characters she plays.

23 celeb. jeri ryan
Uploaded by rodricspeter

2000 interview on The Daily Show

Click on the embedded player,
they have several clips of her to choose from
I couldn't hear the sound until I went to their site

People Exclusive
Jeri Ryan Expecting a Baby


By Cynthia Wang

Jeri Ryan and Christophe Emé
Photo by: Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagicJeri Ryan Expecting a Baby | Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan, who wed French chef Christophe Emé in the Loire Valley in June, is expecting a baby, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

"She is thrilled about the new addition and they are very, very happy," says her rep, David Lust. "They are beyond excited and are beaming from ear to ear."

Although she does not yet know the gender of her child, Ryan is due in March 2008. She also has a 12-year-old son, Alex, from a previous relationship.

At their wedding, Ryan and Emé exchanged vows before about 120 guests at a castle in Eme's hometown outside Angers, France.

Ryan, 39, returns to the CBS drama Shark; the second season premieres on Sept. 23. Outside of acting, Ryan and Eme own the Hollywood French restaurant Ortolan.

* Her son was born the same year as my dogs, 1994.
He turned 13 this past August.
Christoph's face looks rather heart-shaped.
I heard that people with heart-shaped faces are "angels"
Her ex was surely no angel. Better luck this time, Jeri! :marriage:
They married June 16th and in Sept. they announced she is 3 mo. pregnant.
No sightings of her At the Emmy's but at before and after gigs she was spotted.
Only one photo and no mention of Eme.
catching you up
Jeri got pregnant and never went back to do Shark after the writer's strike ended
now Shark is canceled by CBS

Jeri and Christophe are the proud parents of Gisele Lynn Eme, born March 2d 2008
after only 11 min. of labor, so the article reads ...

a magazine is due out today w/photos
Jeri on Tv again but it's a show I won't watch .. it's called "Law and Order SUV"

let's see if this clip will show her interview ...

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